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Alexander Technique and yo' mama

This week I am celebrating the awesomeness of my mother, the awesomeness of your mother, and the awesomeness of mama-ness in you (whether you are preggers, have a mother/ have a baby/child/grown-up/plant/pet are male or female). And I’m celebrating this particularly in conjunction with the equal awesomeness that is Alexander Technique!

And this celebration is for 3 main reasons:

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday (woohoo) (Mother’s Day Wellbeing Gift options HERE)

2) My mum is an awesome (yes that word again!) warrior (and sometimes a worrier, but that’s not as celebratory) and in the past week she has recovered really quite miraculously from a hip replacement and to everyone’s surprise was immediately in less pain than she had been prior to the op and walking more and with greater poise and ease than I can remember.

For everyone that knows her (and now those that don’t), my mum has undergone, survived and healed substantial major health issues and life surprises - ever since she became a mum: she gave birth to 2 sets of twins within 18 months and was told she always releases 2 eggs and would continue to have twins if she ‘experimented’ further. So she and my dad stopped after me.

Her life has been mega full and as a Dr (she was a GP) she has always been interested in health and wellbeing. Although, like many people, having so much on - so many dramas and pains, stresses and strains (as well of course as happiness and good busy-ness), growing up it seemed to me like alot of health and wellbeing was at best about everyday coping strategies, but more often dealing with the resulting problems and restoring ourselves to a level of health and wellbeing that I felt was below what I would aspire to, and what we are all capable of. And this is a very clever lady with the tools, knowledge and know-how of all the latest treatments! But really this is all of us - we all accept less goodness and more pain and stress than we need to! From my experience, the pain volume just gets turned right up and until we can do nothing but listen to it and adjust ourselves and our lives accordingly! But how to adjust it?! Not just with a doctor’s appointment or one off treatment, hoping someone else can fix you and one session will do it and carry on with everything else in your life. NO! YOU NEED A PLAN!!

Well to be more accurate, you need a WELLBEING STRATEGY, a technique that you can learn and apply naturally to the whole of your life that is not effortful but invigorating, stimulating, inspiring, nourishing and most of all puts you in touch with your intuition, your body and clarity of mind so that you can live a life of increasing wellbeing, no matter your age or circumstance, and that puts you in a situation where every moment is an opportunity to heal and, very importantly, that is at its core a PREVENTATIVE approach to illness and injury. So you’re maintaining and growing wellbeing rather than fighting to still be fairly not well!

Now back to my mum, because that’s what’s inspired this blog. I am excited. She is excited. Because her eyes are more fully opening to this potential. The second picture in this blog this week (actually for technical reasons its in the Gallery next to the other pic from this blog post) is of my mama the day before her hip replacement when she had been in immense pain, but we worked together, slowly but surely in a beautiful Alexander Technique lesson that had me really inspired. And here’s why it had me so inspired: it truly truly showed to me that ANYONE can benefit from Alexander Technique, no matter their physical restrictions and pains. When you open to meeting and accepting yourself in that moment exactly where you are with all that is going on for you, you blossom like a flower. I wish I took a before and after pic, but I didn’t, so you’ll have to take my word for it. The difference in my mum in a pic I took of her post lesson (see in GALLERY) was not only visible but palpable on many levels, and in her situation at that point we were restricted to working just her sitting in that chair. For me this picture captures a mini paradigm-shift moment in both of us as we truly witnessed the possibilities for transformation no matter your physical condition, but also far beyond maintaining or coping strategy. Of course this journey has its ups and downs, but with these skills you will be equipped to move through it all with greater poise and insight.

And I am so proud of my mum as she opens more to this work and exploration of true wellbeing. It has to be experienced to be believed and there is no shortcut. Reading about it can be useful, but the true treasure is to be found in taking the leap yourself. Diving deep. Just as my mum is, on the cusp of this new adventure and exploration into health and wellbeing with our regular Alexander Lessons, she is empowering herself with tools of true and unlimited transformation and healing in mind body and soul. I am so inspired and grateful for all that my mum has taught me and that we now explore together!

Investment in health and wellbeing is the greatest treasure and gift you can give - to your mum and to yourself! Read HERE for more details on my Mother’s Day Love Special Package (available to buy for your mum, or you if you have reared a baby/ plant/ pet - celebrating the life giving and loving in all of us equally!).

3) My third reason for celebrating motherness is... I’m about to embark on my training as an Alexander Technique Doula! I am super-excited about this and will definitely be writing more about this in the near future. Alexander Technique is such a creative, adaptive and awesome(!) technique that can guide you to better pregnancy, natural birth and healthful parenthood, and I so look forward to working with more expecting couples in the future, offering you courses and workshops to truly support and inspire you and your baby through deeply transformational times.

Now, this celebration of motherness goes beyond our mums. For me, it is truly about celebrating the life-giving and nurturing in all of us. No exceptions. So my special Mama’s Day Package deal is open to ONE AND ALL! Just for THIS WEEK! So whether you have raised a baby or a pet or a plant or some other life form(!), this treat is for you! You deserve it. READ MORE HERE.

Whenever you are reading this, perhaps past Mother’s day, the truth remains that wellbeing is the greatest gift you can give yourself or someone else at any time. Only you know if that is a step you are ready to start exploring. I am here to take the leap with you: to help guide and support you on your way home to natural wellbeing and celebrating the unqiue-ness of you. For more information on lessons GO HERE and HERE for how they work and other FAQ’s. To book, email ( or call me (07790 036 650).

Any questions or queries? DROP ME A LINE, I’d love to hear from you! Or to claim a free 20 minute phone consultation just pop yr email in the box below (you’ll get the Embodied Living Newsletter and a free phone consult). I am a huge fan and advocate of self-love, which is what this journey of greater wellbeing is about, and so I will be treating you to special offers for you in the newsletter from time to time too.

You can also stay connected with me on Social Media (see facebook/ twitter/ Linked In, Pinterest links).

Thankyou and have a beautiful day celebrating the life-giving, loving and nurturing in ALL OF US! <3

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Sarah's Alexander Technique Studio - Alexander Technique and yo' mama

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