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FROM PAIN TO FREEDOM with the Pain Whisperer!

Pain. Can be crushing, can be subtle, can be irritating, frustrating. Can be emotional as well as physical. In fact it is usually both: every physical habit has a psychological habit beneath it - and where we have physical tension, we will usually uncover emotional tension. But pain is not bad, in fact pain is good! It is not our enemy. It is our friend. Pain is what woke me up, brought me to my knees, shook me, and awakened me to a life far more nourishing, natural, and full of love and inspiration on every level.

And now, as an Alexander Technique teacher, I am here as your “Pain Whisperer”(!), helping you to hear, interpret, embrace and transform your pain to freedom, and teach you how to guide yourself to your most nourishing life.

Sometimes we fight to ignore the message in the pain. I know I found it easier to ignore the emotional discomfort - the thoughts of not being happy with various things in my life than the physical. It was too overwhelming for me to even contemplate or ‘work out’ an alternative life when “just” unhappy, in fact I barely admitted that dissatisfaction to myself and I carried on regardless at the “perfect” job that in fact was not conducive to my happiness and fulfillment. Until one day I woke up and could not move my arm for extremely agonizing pain. In fact I still pushed through to the end of the contract, constantly sabotaging myself, ignoring what both my mind and body were telling me. I wasn’t able to face it. And it did not go away, it spread to my back, neck, then everything just hurt. Until it hit me: my pain was not out to get me, it was there shouting loudly “STOP! LOOK AFTER YOURSELF NOW!”.

And eventually I listened. I stopped and I listened. That was hard. In fact the resistance to the stopping and listening was the hardest part. Once I actually stopped and listened it was immediately the most healing experience. I was ready to open to healing, to look after myself here and now. Ready and able to begin a beautiful, challenging, but most rewarding journey to building my self-awareness of exactly what my body and my mind were telling me. Pain is nothing to be scared of! It’s taking you to a far more magnificent life, far greater suited to you and full of nourishment and wellbeing!

Of course it does not feel that way when you have no idea what’s next - your mind cannot fathom or calculate the plan of action necessarily. But, GOOD NEWS - it doesn’t have to! When you surrender, even momentarily, to just being where you are right now, being okay with that, with exactly how u feel and what is going on for you - in denial of none of it - then you OPEN TO HEALING, OPEN TO POSSIBILITY. And my experience is, from this point, the universe has a way of conspiring in your favour and bringing you exactly WHAT YOU NEED. That may not be what you think you want - in fact it will be far more magnificent! Don’t limit your opportunities with what your mind can conjure up. In this space of open-ness, like an open hand you are open to possibilities in all shapes and sizes.

But BEWARE!! - This is not about pretending or avoiding or distracting yourself from your pain or circumstances. This is about being so present with it, not lost in the drama but building awareness of it at the same time as being in your experience, and simultaneously being present in the world and space all around you, awake, aware, processing and healing.

With this awakened awareness you are able to learn how you have been constricting yourself, sabotaging yourself - with mental thought and physical habits. And with this greater awareness, you can choose to get out of your own way. Then, the volume on your intuition, your gut, is turned way up and you will be guided to exactly where you need to be.

So pain can in fact be a great reminder to stop, to look after yourself, to be present in the moment, to embody that presence in your whole body, and the whole space around you. Pain can in fact be like a prompt to connect to yourself, to your intuition. I learnt to love my pain (it is a love/hate relationship!) and embrace the little miracles it is bringing to me, and you can too.

Love your pain. Be grateful for it. Nuggets of insight and revelation are usually fast on its heels. But of course to see the nugget, you need not to attach to what the nugget might be or when or if it will arrive! But accepting exactly where you are right now.

That state of openness, healing, flow and insight is what we are developing, growing, cultivating in our Alexander Technique lessons. We are learning how to bring that state into every moment - to fill it with aliveness and awareness, so we can begin to live our most fulfilling lives.

And of course your pain or shift may not be as extreme as mine. But all pain can bring us to the present moment, to embodied living, back to flow. Now not only has my pain been healed, but I have the insight and the tools to know how to prevent pain in the future with the tools to understand how to look after myself mentally and physically in every moment so that my intuition is guiding me loudly and clearly to my most nourishing life. And I am here to help you back to yours.

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Sarah's Alexander Technique Studio - FROM PAIN TO FREEDOM with the Pain Whisperer!

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I found myself having complete confidence in her strong hands and her understanding of the technique. more

Joshua Eisenthal, 27, PHD Student