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How to Come Unstuck

Feeling STUCK is a crap state to be in. Not knowing which step forward to take for too many options, or not seeing any which offer you a next step that makes you want to sing.

I’ve been there. One minute I felt flooded with ideas and excitement, and then, out of nowhere, I suddenly felt doubtful, overwhelmed and shy and therefore overridingly confused, lost and trapped! For no reason I could put my finger on I felt I’d lost my delicious clarity. And so there I was, stuck between the two poles, feeling a little bit crappy.

[Discover how to get unstuck in my upcoming Psychophysical Alexander Foundation Course : “Heroes’ Journey with Sarah” group workshop series]

I couldn’t believe I’d found myself there again, in a familiar “stuckness” after all my work on myself. Surely I had this process down?

But the truth is, you have this down, until you don’t. Until a hidden wound is ripe for the pickin, ripe for deeper healin’ and is triggered - almightily. WE ARE NEVER EXEMPT FROM ANYTHING! And there is always further to go.

Perhaps you have been there feeling confused disclarity before, and maybe facing it again? Can you see a reaction response in your emotions and body repeating itself? So what do you do?


Find that space between all of your emotional/physical reactivity, and your presence, and you feel it, sit with it, all of it. Witness it - whatever is coming up for you.

What do you notice? Can you see your frustration/ anger/ sadness/ procrastinating avoidance/ desire to stay safe? Or your urge to push, be seen, be “successful”, or innovative? Any or all or none of the above - perhaps it’s something else for you? Where do you notice that tension? Where does it sit with you? A busy mind, a tight chest, a sore neck or back, a tummy ache, daydreaming or some spiritual escapism?

There are no right or wrong answers. And you do not need to work it out in your head, or to judge whatever comes up, so let go of needing an enlightened answer. Just notice exactly where you are and how you are feeling with this experience.

Give your feelings - emotional and physical - a voice, compassion. And be the wise parent to it - don’t let it run the show! “Know it so intimately that you are not afraid anymore” (the eloquent words of my teacher that continue to resonate so deeply with me). And remember the space all around and within you - in every joint, and every cell, behind and in front. There is space, there is time.

Reach into your Alexander toolbox and take some time with Constructive Rest, aka Semi-Supine (you can READ my blog on that here: for some gentle guidance, or join my upcoming foundation course this July for an experiential insight(!): MORE INFO HERE ), and gIft yourself the time to honour and cradle yourself in love, patiently, carefully discovering your own path home to healing via your dirt, your fertile soil, like a true warrior seedling.

Even if it feels like you have been here before, it is different!

So, what is different being here this time, or next time? The most crucial difference is Experience and Awareness. Even just reading this means you are actively creating greater space between your reactivity and awareness: so you are not just lost in your reaction, your emotions, your stress or pain; but there is perhaps a little light, a growing capacity to feel the reaction, to witness it - so it is not all there is, there is the possibility for insight and freedom, and a different choice.

Nothing is wasted. You are never exactly where you were.

So, I found myself there in the stuckness again, in the darkness, in the “dirt” (aka soil), with the heavy muddled feeling, and I witnessed my physical and mental reactivity volume turning up and I was disappointed I was there again.

I reached into my Alexander toolkit, gathering my growing capacities for mind/body awareness, and I was able to acknowledge more of my reactivity, truly SEE IT at a deeper level for what it was, I was ready for a deeper healing. With my experiences and my capacities I was more able for it. The triggers perhaps had still been there at some greater depth, and now I could dive further, and they naturally began to lose their grip at a deeper level.

Everything was becoming slowly illuminated, I was opening to possibilities and learning even greater freedom and lightness of movement.

And so in fact, it became clear, I had not “lost my delicious clarity”, I was in fact coming home to a GREATER CLARITY, for which the confusion had been an essential part of the journey there!

So, when you feel moved, you feel able to take the next step, perhaps into the unknown, just like the little seed growing up and out the darkness and into the waiting warm bright daylight. From that space, with that energy, with riches from your own fertile landscape, the outcome and our experience of it will be changed. (Discover this space for yourself at Heroes’ Journey with Sarah: a Psychophysical Alexander Foundation Course group class series).

You are also able to be okay with not knowing, not necessarily acting, when the conditions are not ripe, not clear. Yet this is not an excuse to take the day off(!!) as my teacher has reminded me! We are still here with our commitments, with our realities that we must face. And we still need to do what we must do to take care of ourselves.

So you can relax - there is no set path, no right or wrong, and no experience is wasted. It has brought you here to now, with perfect timing.

Consciously embracing you exactly as you are will OPEN YOU TO ADVENTURE. The kind of adventure in every moment, with the whole of life, with the universe. You become more in flow with nature all around and within you, and every moment, every reaction, becomes the treasure. And in that way, as Yogi’s tea often reminds me: “the journey is the destination”.

You are here to learn a deeper truth of a trigger on you, a deeper truth of a wounding you are perhaps still holding onto. And you are able to open to other possibilities, and see the fertility here, even (and especially) in the muck.

Now you are in greater AWARENESS. You can feel it’s hold.. the busy-ness in your head, the holding of your breath. This time you have caught yourself in awareness of experiencing this “stuck’ feeling. That is a great feat.

ALL IS NOT LOST, even if you are here for the zillionth time, feeling lost in it and perhaps not feeling any capacity to deal with it.

So embrace your gorgeous reactive self with the elixir of awareness it deserves and take the adventure - warts an’ all.

If you would like to experientially explore this in more detail, then good news! I am running a brand new 4 week Heroes’ Journey with Sarah: a Psychophysical Alexander Foundation Course group class and you are invited!

The classes will be a gentle, experiential introduction to the essence of the work explored at Sarah’s Alexander Studio for Embodied Mindfulness, with meditation, some movement, fun exercises and games, as well as a time to share experiences and receive guidance. And plenty of time to explore guided semi-supine! And of course everyone will receive some hands on work throughout the course.

Come join me and discover what this work can mean in reality, in your life, in your body, in your mind, in your soul. It’ll be an insightful and deep intro and opportunity to explore in a safe small group environment. (If ever you were looking for a more affordable or group setting Alexander exploration, this is it!).

If you have any questions about the class, or anything else - just shoot me an email ( or drop me a line (07790036650) - I’m always happy to help :)

With love and gratitude,



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Sarah's Alexander Technique Studio - How to Come Unstuck

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