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Opening into Intimacy

This is getting to the treasure. This is some of what it’s all about: awakening to the capacity of being and revealing ourselves absolutely freely in each and every moment, no matter what or who we are faced with...

This work is about many things, equally. It has multi-faceted points of entry: pain, stress, performance, transformation, pregnancy, supporting natural birth, sport, singing, emotional development... Whatever your point of entry, this work will speak to it all. It has a way of permeating every part of your life, because at its core, it is not just about one specific thing. It is about the one thing all these experiences have in common: YOU. It is about you.

You accepting you. You healing you. Empowering you. Finding and discovering your voice, your intuition. Learning how to turn up its volume. How to get out of your own way - so you can flourish in every which way: health and wellbeing, physical mobility, artistic passions and all relationships...

There is one other thing that ties all these experiences together: they are all stimuli that trigger unique reaction patterns in you, in both your mind and body. And this work is the deepest work I have come across that explores and builds your awareness of your reactions, holding patterns, self-sabotage and the interconnections between mental and physical habits you have accrued, and then enables you to open to the possibility of SOMETHING ELSE.

Another way of being. Of moving. Of expressing. In which you are more and more deeply connected to your truth - what feels right to you in every moment on a soul level, so not just your human part, but opens you up so you feel the ground beneath your feet, wide connection to the whole of the universe, and in that moment, in the face of your stimulus - be it a gym workout, deskwork or the man or woman you fancy or are in an intimate relationship with - in that moment you can stop, connect to yourself, feel your contractive reactions wanting to thwart the moment of free you-ness, and you can let go... allow them to dissipate - just like the ripples in water, and you come face to face with a clarity of your reflection. You are no longer ruled by your insecurities, doubts, fears, pain. The clear vision is gifted and you are blown more open, and more able for it. And with that you can CHOOSE to reveal yourself - mentally, emotionally, and / or physically!

And the gifts that will come, that will find you, seek you out, to dance even more joyfully with all the ebbs and flows, ups and downs of life will be treasures in experience and insight, and may well have you singing this song: (come back to continue reading after enjoying this short nostalgic musical break): Getting To Know You: King & I .

You can learn how to reach that place more often, and to build discernment between your truth and your ego tricking you to a false truth that is keeping you in your comfort zone and restricting your flow.

So when you find yourself in a moment of challenge, a moment perhaps where you are faced by an emotional situation.... STOP! Notice your reaction. feel the ground beneath, supporting you. Always supporting you. The space around you, there to expand into. Feel your emotion, but grow a capacity to be more than ruled by it: witness it. What is it telling you? Where is it pointing you? What is your truth in this? Only you know the answer, and only you can grow trust in your own voice. Breathe. All is well - no matter what. What can be healed here?

I am here to take this brave and enlivening leap with you: to help guide and support you on your way home to celebrating the unqiue-ness of you in every waking moment. For more information on lessons GO HERE and HERE for how they work and other FAQ’s. To book, email ( or call me (07790 036 650).

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For more Embodied Living ideas and insights take a look at my previous posts: EMBODIED LIVING INTRO and FROM PAIN TO FREEDOM WITH THE PAIN WHISPERER or choose from my other enticing BLOG ENTRIES. Thankyou and have a beautiful day of connection and genuine intimacy. <3

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Sarah's Alexander Technique Studio - Opening into Intimacy

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