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The Hero's Journey

The Hero’s journey is the archetypal tale told in all fairy stories, superhero stories that has evolved to be present to some degree in all film and book protagonists, documentary film auteurs and so on. It is the story we were all brought up on and all connect to on deep conscious and unconscious levels, and it is the real life journey we explore in our Group Class Hero Circle, about the true hero's journey to self-healing on every level. Click here for more info.

I myself have always been drawn to the journey of the hero, and probably more than the average...

Many years ago now, in my life as a Documentary film-maker, I came across "Real Life Superheroes"(RLS). At the time this idea whilst still quite unknown and edgy, was really taking off in America. People conjuring up their unique RLS profiles and Superhero names, and of course taking to the streets donning their specially-made outfits. There was even a guy who started a business making wannabe RLS customised outfits - capes, masks, shiny spandex, the whole package.

The idea of RLS was enthralling for me. I really wanted to find out about the people behind the masks. But more than that, I wanted to play! So I embarked on a journey, mentored by Captain Champion (Reading’s own RLS) to transform into Optimistica - spreading happiness and love and positivity (hence pics and keep reading for film clip!).

There was something about this idea that touched and resonated with something inside me, even if it was also partly a game and great fodder for a documentary I wanted to make. And it was evidently not just me that was drawn: apart from the growing number of people joining the bands of RLS across the world, everyone I spoke to about RLS’ and my film were so intrigued about it.

And its because from the dawn of time it speaks to a part of us that resonates with this process with all its twists and turns. The feeling of abandonement, having to venture out on our own in the big world in some way, embarking on a journey, with twists and turns, sages and also illusions, having to discern our intuition from our cleverly camouflaged fear, taking risks, jumping in, trusting, go with the flow, connection to nature and opening to synchronicity - and yet above all learning to trust and love yourself - that is when the magic happens. But only when we let go of attaching to the magic happening! Then there is space for it to breathe into our lives.

It is this journey that on some level we are all embarking. We are all the heroes of our own stories. Yet, to truly fly in freedom of being yourself, requires us at time to plummet into the depths of despair - that is where we discover the healing. And that journey, the courage that it truly takes to make that journey to that degree, is rarely taken. For it can, at times, feel the most painful, most impossible, but is also the most rewarding, freeing and enlivening experience. And when the experience is yours, and it must be, then so is the wisdom that comes with it. It cannot be known through books or films or any other way. Just through own own unique experiences.

And it is this, that is required when we choose to embark on a journey of deep self-healing, mind and body. It cannot be done for us, if we feel drawn, it is for us to take that step, however small or large. And to have patience and trust with the whole process.

As my teacher says “we are midwives for each other as we give birth to ourselves”, and that is exactly the hero’s journey. And the journey for which the Hero Circle explores and holds you in, supports you, as you undergo your own unique rebirth and metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly.

Whilst the joke of becoming a Real Life Superhero drew me in, or so I thought, I never expected myself to embark on the real archetypal hero’s journey through the making of the film, but that is exactly what it instigated, reaching far beyond the film and really, looking back, marking the beginning a true crossroads, at which point my new life - centred on wellbeing, insight, healing and nourishment was born...


If you would like to join the Hero Circle about the true hero's journey to self-healing on every level - look out for details here for more info on that, and you can SIGN UP FOR THE FREE NEWSLETTER for info of future group circles, events, offers and free tips and insights straight to your inbox. Call/text me on 07790036650 to book. It's a liberating, creative, awakening, fresh and fun explorative group that meets you exactly where you are - nothing is required. I am so excited to share this with you.

Hope to see you soon...

Sarah's Alexander Technique Studio - The Hero's Journey

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