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What has being a hero got to do with me yo?!

“What has being a hero got to do with me?!” I hear you say. Or think. Maybe. Well I think it’s a great question, especially since I am suddenly talking alot about being a hero, and yet I have no plans to swoop in and rescue people from the next disaster with my immense muscle power right this minute. Not that I would refuse that if the time came (although my muscles are not that huge), but just to clarify: this is NOT what I am talking about when I talk about The Hero’s Journey!

“The Hero’s Journey” is a phrase coined by philosopher Joseph Campbell when, upon studying stories from across the globe and through the centuries, he identified a universal commonality: a central character that undergoes a journey of self-transformation - that pushes them to change and grow on every level, ultimately discovering the well of resources and gifts inside themselves, and who then is able to bravely use and express them in the world.

Yes the character’s details change and shift, as do all the colours of the story, but we - as the audience - can fundamentally not resist this self-transformation journey story because it reflects the STORY OF US!

It is a powerful “Universal Truth”. You are on a unique adventure with tests and trials, triumphs and failures - each moment, each lifetime, a possibility for learning, deep healing. BUT IT IS UP TO YOU TO OPT-IN!! To rise to the challenge. To fully embrace this deeply nourishing, scary, painful, healing and the most freeing experience there is!

But GOOD NEWS! You don’t have to save a life, grow a muscle, push through grueling challenges (neccessarily!) to opt-in.

This journey is all about you: you honouring you - to the nth degree. Getting out of your own way enough to be able to hear your unique truth, your song, your dance, your film, so you can EXPRESS it freely, liberally and with love - exactly how you want to.

And to do that.. first you must build AWARENESS! You cannot get out of your own way if you do not realise you are in fact in your own way. THIS IS THE JOURNEY. SEEING all out habits, all our reactions, can be painful, no doubt. But,


We cannot heal what is hidden. So, in your hero’s journey, you will be brought all you need for all the darkness to be brought to the light - illuminated and open for healing.

THIS is the TRUE COURAGE and bravery it takes to travel this path. And it can be in the subtlest surrender and acceptance and not always in the biggest “show” of official / classic bravery. And what it is for you is UNIQUE to you. And your insight can go as deep as you are open to exploring.

And what I find IMMENSELY AMAZING about the Alexander Technique, is that it is a grounded physical technique that gives you the ability to grow this awareness, to uncover your inner compass, and amplify your sensory capacities of proprioception and intuition that will be a cornerstone in Hero’s Journey - navigating and illuminating your way through the forest, to the home in the deepest part of your heart.

It’s true, “There is no set path, just follow your heart” - but first, you need to hear it, and learn its unique language.

The true meaning of courage, like the French for heart, stems from Latin, and originally means “To tell the truth of who you are with your whole heart”. This capacity, this desire, is what you have in common with the Hero on the cinema screens. This is what takes true bravery... because it is scary! Going out of your unique plethora of comfort zones is always scary - that’s why you created those “zones” - to feel safe.

But you have been building them for many years now, and the exciting thing is, the adventure begins when you are ready to be your own explorer, your own hero, and take the first step into the woods of Awareness Exploration!


SO, to give you fodder to explore, something to play with, here is STEP 1 of the Hero’s Journey, as initially identified by Joseph Campbell:

**HERO’S JOURNEY STEP 1: The Call To Adventure - You, the hero, are thrust into a situation that forces you to step out of your comfort zone.**

Sound familiar? Now, we can have mini-calls to adventure in every moment of every day, as well as great big leaps every decade, and the subtlest calls can in fact be the most significant, if we catch them!

Where is this required of YOU? When do you feel out of your comfort zone? How does it feel? How does your body react? How does your mind respond? Awareness is the key to the Hero's Journey.

Also, importantly, do not assume that this call involves action! Sometimes, oftentimes, it involves simply not doing your habitual reaction, in fact being able to be present with the emotion, the triggering of some emotional or physical wound - really catching yourself in the moment of it and being present with all that it encompasses for you.

EXERCISE: So this week, explore merely catching yourself - What triggers you? What contracts you? Makes you angry, upset, hurt. You don’t have to analyse, just NOTICE! Catch yourself IN IT. This is your point of entry. THIS IS YOU CALL TO ADVENTURE!

To discover more, and explore what this means in reality, in your life, in your body, in your mind, in your soul - COME JOIN ME for the Hero’s Circle group class (Early Bird Discount before 30th November), more details and booking info HERE - an awesome intro and opportunity to explore in a safe small group environment.

I can also work one-to-one with you to go deeper into into your unique process, working with more hands on Alexander Technique to ground this journey in physicality as well as illuminating the psychospiritual connections. MORE INFO or to book GO HERE and also check out FAQ’S HERE. And if you are not in London, no fear - we can connect with Skype one-to-ones! Just send me a message HERE.

NEXT TIME we explore the reality of the NEXT STAGES of this healing path that is The Hero’s Journey.

I look forward to seeing you then!

With love and gratitude,


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Sarah's Alexander Technique Studio - What has being a hero got to do with me yo?!

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