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You have come a long way (baby).

This month I was reminded of this in quite an awesome way.

I’m not usually an avid fan of Facebook particularly, but here it has afforded me an actual bit of revelation that feels even a bit magical.

if you're on fb you might be aware of a new thing it does called "time hop" where it shows you posts you did “On This Day” 1 year ago, 3 years ago, 5 years ago etc.

Well it did this for me a couple of weeks ago, and here is the short but sweet post it uncovered, posted 6 years ago that day:

“Has anyone got a cure for RSI? Me in pain!!!!”

This was an awesome timehop to see!!

I had posted this 6 years ago in midst of my RSI agony and desperate search for a solution - little did I know the solution I was about to uncover was around the corner and would change the path of my life forever. Or the intense, powerful beautiful deep healing journey I was embarking on.

It felt amazing to revisit this post - to suddenly come so face to face with my younger self in the middle of my agony.

Even though it does sound desperate, I can still feel the “making it funny” energy of the post - kinda panicking behind a smile vibe. This is more apparent in my comments I added underneath where I quickly dismissed myself and my pain - putting on a brave face, downplaying the seriousness of it. In a moment of seeing this post, so much about myself was illuminated.

Not just the pain, and the desperation, but my habitual reactive habits to disregard myself, not take my needs seriously, and not honour, treat and express them with gentle loving attention.

These are all habits and patterns that have echoed throughout the landscape of my life. They feel hard and squeezed and contracted, less soft and gentle and honouring. They have held and affected my mind, my body and the flow of my soul (my creativity and intuition). And I recognise them because through this work, I have come to know them so well as my reactive habits that no longer serve me. I have worked to bring them to awareness and open myself to the possibility of healing.

So now I can make different choices. Healthier, more nourishing choices. In every moment, with every thing that I do.

It’s so easy in life to notice everything we feel we are getting wrong, or feel overwhelmed by how far we still have to go. But this time hop gifted me the reminder of truly how far I have come: how much work I have done and what a gift of healing that has brought me. And yet I do not judge that earlier me, I was doing the best I could at that point.

I know II will make “mistakes” (aka less healthy choices) again, and I have more to go on this journey. But now I am embracing all of it, accepting it all, as much as I am able, open to continuous learning and healing, as well as being grateful for the difficult yet most insightful healing journey I have undertaken so far.

So much has been moved through, so much has been let go, so much has been illuminated since then. Yet I do not judge me then, as me then brought me to me now - it was a necessary step perhaps.

Seeing this historic status, I am sending my old self some love for back then. If me now could speak to me then I would say...

Me now: "First and foremost what is your arm screaming it wants in simple language?"

Me then: “Oww - Rest and Nourishment.”

Me now: “How can you give it more of that in this moment now? You can discover how to hear and understand your inner wealth of knowledge with Alexander Technique. And lastly, TRUST! You are getting there. All is well, even in the midst of the sh*t ".

Only time and experience, especially supported with this work, can teach the depth, the quality and the taste of the nourishment that is required for you on your unique healing path.

Somehow, this timehop, was able to bring me even more into the present moment: meeting myself here in all my glory.


What about YOU? Can you feel into what has changed - for good or (seemingly) bad in the last 6 years for you? Are there any pearls of wisdom you would share with your younger self? Perhaps there is some resonance in that advice for you now, to take deeper?


What about your wise future self - what advice would that part of you gift you with now, in this moment? Of course we don’t know what’s ahead for us, but that wise part is inside of us now, as is that child who might be injured or in pain.

So you can be the wise parent to the small child, and connect through it all and meet yourself here and now, perhaps surprising yourself with a clarifying pearl of wisdom (or perhaps not, you don’t need to search for it).

How did that feel for you? I loved coming face to face with myself and communicating in this way - I felt like I was reaching across to a parallel universe in some way, although also recognising it’s all within me - and feels so healing, and so powerful. And surprisingly grounding.

It's reassuring to see the treasures that have presented on my often challenging path to healing. Feeling so much freer, more whole and more healed, and yet I am sure there is so much more to come.

Facebook has no idea of the gift this new little trend of Timehop is likely bringing people.

Wherever you are on your journey, you are perfectly placed for where you need to be. Can you trust that? Can you feel how that trust affects your body? How your holding softens and your breath naturally renews? And how your mind calms and clarifies? And if that is not happening for you - then trust that is perfect too! In this experience precisely, whatever that may be, is where you will make discoveries.

More than anything, meeting and embracing yourself here, with all that you are - all your trials and triumphs, challenges and gifts, judgements and ego - is the point you embrace your healing adventure. Meet yourself here, and you can go anywhere. Let yourself BE HERE...

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