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A.T Story

This page is about the unfolding story of Alexander Technique - its creation, history and ongoing evolution.

This technique was born from a man frustrated at not being able to express his creativity and enjoy his passion - acting - because every time he went on stage to perform, he would lose his voice or go hoarse. And he didn't know why. Just as I was frustrated and confused as to why I couldn't enjoy my film-making passion because my pain in my arms and back was too much.

Unlike me, he didn't have anyone to show him exactly what to do, to explain why, or to support him in his exploration! So, legend has it, he spent years in a room of mirrors examining himself and exploring why, when he went to perform, to orate, did his voice go, when it was fine in normal day to day speaking. What was different.

And he began to uncover and peel away a whole plethora of previously unconscious habits of contraction in his mind and body that came into play at this moment of performance, that resulted in the tension, the hoarse or lost voice! Tension in his throat, perhaps pushing up his chest, holding his head fixed at an angle. Generally a feeling of holding and restriction. Perhaps a result of stage fright. Perhaps performance habits.

But the thing with our habits and reactions to stress or to any stimulus, is that until we do this work of building self-awareness, they are unconscious habits. I would never have thought I was constantly, even on a small scale, tensing my arm and gripping my hands, but thats exactly what I was doing! And by coming aware of it, and whats behind that habit (every physical habit has a psychological habit behind it, from my experience), then we set ourselves free of it! And we heal the wound that was behind it, that was causing it.

And that's exactly what Alexander did. He discovered it for himself. And loved it so much it became another passion. And he shared this passion. At first becoming known as 'The Breathing Man', helping people with asthma and other breathing issues by teaching them awareness and how to let go of habits of stress in the mind and body that restricted and constricted breathing. And of course he was also very popular amongst other actors and performers.

Soon people realised the universality of this work - that is the true beauty of it. Yes it can be applied specifically to help you with what is affecting and frustrating you, but the magic in it, is that it is a science, that can be applied to any and everything, teaching you to be able to do anything with the minimum about of tension in the mind and body. And once you stop sabotaging yourself, the universe can flow through and with you and manifest a life far more magnificent than anything you could imagine.

So here is to him - Frederick Alexander himself - looking rather dapper here - in the top pic of course! The bottom photo is of an Alexander student and fan - Keanu Reeves :)

Of course, That was just the start. Through his lifetime, word of his hugely powerful work spread and many of the rich and famous swarmed to see him for lessons and for training.

And the Alexander technique has grown and evolved with every person it is introduced to, with every life it touches, newer and greater depths of understanding can be reached, in every moment.

As my Head of Training would often say to me during my training, we are not here to become like F.M Alexander, or become 'Alexandroids', "You are here to become Sarah Warman the unique Alexander Teacher!" And as my spiritual teacher Nicole Hambro often says "there is no requirement. Not to believe anything, to do anything... but to be yourself. To come to know yourself". And that, for me is what this work does so delicately and profoundly, in ways that must be experienced to be understood!

If you'd like to Book a Lesson, just click on the tab on the top right of the screen. I look forward to meeting you and beginning this journey with you, if you feel drawn.

I had a course of lessons with Sarah and the experience was eye-opening. more

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