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Mind Body Wellbeing: Alexander Technique Lessons with Sarah Warman

Freedom to be you: Declutter your mind, Free your body, Express your soul

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Your journey to deep healing truly begins here. This is a technique that provides you with skills for life for an ever deepening wellbeing that will continue to be with you and grow far beyond and outside the lessons. This is Mindfulness in Action. Scroll down to discover common benefits of A.T.

Some common PROBLEMS Alexander is helpful for:
Stress and emotional tension
Pain: esp back/neck/shoulder/ RSI
Physical tension in everyday activities
Preventing and healing workout & yoga injuries
Computer-related tension
Sleep problems
Pregnancy discomfort, birth pain and stress
Headaches and migraines
Dealing with Change
Breathing and Voice problems

Common BENEFITS of Alexander:
Greater overall WELLBEING
FREEDOM and less pain in the body
CLARITY in the mind
ALIVENESS and alertness
Emotional inner PEACE
INSPIRATION & Creativity
More FLOW in life
And many more...

For a deeper insight into how Alexander Technique can help you, visit my blog Embodied Living. Or you can read my latest blog From Pain to Freedom.

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I had a course of lessons with Sarah and the experience was eye-opening. more

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