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A.T. Growing Together is an open community connecting all friends and fans of the Alexander Technique. Its a place where we can share inspiration, support each other in becoming ourselves more freely, shining our light in the world, and growing together with this wonderful technique.

By gathering together - virtually (connecting online) and in reality, we can spread the the wonderful word of Alexander Technique out across the land, sea, sky and universe. There is no set path. This is all about becoming yourself more freely - in your mind, body and soul, and we are all here to support each other on that miraculous journey.

For more information and to get connected to the community visit the Growing Together FACEBOOK GROUP. You can also join our mailing list and be kept and up to date with our exciting events, workshops and gatherings. Send an email to with the subject "ADD ME to the mailing list!" :) We look forward to meeting you at an event or on the online community soon!!

We will also be organising a range of events, workshops, Alexander flash mobs (Oh yes!) and other collaborative explosions inserting freshness, fun, freedom and creativity into the worldwide perception and experience of AT. And of course anchoring it in everyday reality (from cycling to pregnancy workshops) and building awareness of its accessibility and relevance to all of life.

We need your help to spread this beautiful work! There is lots to do! To get involved on any level, contribute any skills, or make a donation towards getting this wonderful work out into the world, please contact me, Sarah, at There are many varied ways in which you can help - all ideas and support hugely welcome! I look forward to hearing from you!

This group was founded by Sarah Warman in early 2013 and is happily growing steadily. I have been organising and curating fun fresh Alexander Technique workshops and events since early 2012 for Alexander Technique students and teachers, and I now look forward to curating different events for everyone to deepen and expand their knowledge and understanding of this work and its potential and to share it liberally with the world.

My sessions with Sarah were a real treasure full of insight and giggles, in perfect balance. more

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