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You will be learning practical tools to embody greater physical and mental wellbeing - you will be educating yourself and acquire skills that will stay with you for life, constantly deepening and widening your own ability to mend yourself as well as prevent possible injuries.

But this is learning in a whole new fun, engaging, interactive and playful way. Physical, sometimes emotional, sometimes invigorating, sometimes revelatory, sometimes subtle, and sometimes exhausting - it can be hard work to learn! But work in a way you have likely not experienced before, and the most fulfilling and empowering.

Private lessons allow for the session to be tailored to your specific needs, desires and passions. Alexander Technique is a hands on and verbally communicative process that engages both the mind and the body in an integrative re-education so that you unlearn what is causing you pain and stress, and come back to a more natural state of wellbeing with greater awareness and insight.

It's an holistic learning in which I will guide you, with my words and my hands, and you will begin to build a greater awareness of the excess tension you are holding physically and mentally. We work in movement and also on a table (like a massage table). I am passionate about working with you in areas of your life where you would like to know how it is applied.

You will gradually become increasingly aware of previously unconscious habits that no longer serve you, and as you let them go, you come back to your natural state of greater wellbeing and flow on every level.

In lessons you will be given the increasing experience of more freedom and lightness on every level, and the tools and understanding to continue working on yourself, to take these qualities into every aspect of your life. I work intuitively to meet and respond to your needs and desires, and together we will discover the natural pace for you to open to your own healing to feel more free, strong, grounded, connected and inspired.

Private Lessons cost £45. To take advantage of special offers sign up to the Newsletter and you will be kept fully informed!

Alexander Technique is different to yoga or Pilates since it is learning a skill that can be applied to everything that you do in life - from walking, working, to yoga and pilates. It will improve your co-ordination and poise and so will work well to be applied to your yoga etc, and we can explore how AT fits into that in our lessons if that is your interest. It will also help you to prevent future injury by doing these activities within minimum tension in your body and a greater freedom, flow and wellbeing. It also will give you tools to be able to stay present in the process and really get the most out of your private practice and activities, no matter what they are.

That depends. You will gain insight and benefit from the first one, but the more you have, the deeper you go and the greater the benefit. A recent study found that you will gain lasting benefit from a series of 6 lessons, but that 20 lessons led to a more significant change. Many people find this work very interesting and valuable and continue far beyond this point.

Group Classes and Workshops work differently to private classes with a greater focus on using verbal communication to explore and inspire a different quality of mind and body. We use movement exercises and thought explorations, with some hands on, to see how we can learn and develop our self-awareness and get out of our own way. Both private lessons and group classes are fundamentally inspired by the same concept of re-educating the mind and body and gaining skills for life that we can apply in ways that are relevant and valuable to us all.

A.T can be applied to every situation no matter what you’re wearing, but to get the most out of the lessons I’d recommend you wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement, and ideally trousers or leggings rather than just skirts.

Alexander Technique can be applied in every moment and to everything - so you learn how to move and think overall with greater awareness, freeness and lightness. So you do not have to practice specific exercises that work with isolated muscles - as we are working with the whole - even when we are working specifically! So, rather than specific exercises, this is a technique you can apply to any specific exercise, procedure, stretch, routine, workout or kriya or non-exercise movement (even washing up!) for greater ease, less tension and more flow. However, we will explore different tools and exercises to help you in this exploration and journey.

We will work together to discover the natural pace for you to open to your own healing to feel more free, strong, grounded, connected and inspired - the journey of coming home to you, so you can live your life more fully and freely physically and mentally and shine your light in the world in whatever way you feel to.

A whole plethora of experiences may await you, as is perfectly required to bring you uniquely home to you. And I am honoured to be here to guide and support you on your journey.

Truly the best way to discover this work is to come along and experience it for yourself in a supportive environment of one-to-one lessons. You are encouraged to become your own scientist, your own explorer and, over time, empower yourself with the skills to be able to heal and take good care of yourself to a degree you might never have thought of.

You can book now, or via email: or call me on 077900 36650 to book today.

QUESTION NOT ANSWERED? If you have any unanswered questions or queries DROP ME A LINE and ask away. If you would like a more detailed conversation about how this might benefit you, then you can sign up for my newsletter and get a free phone consultation when you join the newsletter mailing list - full of tips, insights and offers.

I found myself having complete confidence in her strong hands and her understanding of the technique. more

Joshua Eisenthal, 27, PHD Student