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Group Classes / Workshops



3pm - 5 pm | Every Sunday for 4 weeks from July 5th 2015, then 12th, 19th, 26th)


Get a robust intro into how to apply the practical psychophysical skills of Alexander Technique to your everyday life to create a more Embodied Living with greater freedom, ease, nourishment and insight, to make every moment a brave moment, full of possibility and adventure.

This is a Group Class, giving a good thorough and broad introduction to the Alexander Technique - my style: mind, body and soul (!), through a mini-series of 4 consecutive weekly workshops.

The classes will be a gentle, experiential introduction to the essence of the work explored at Sarah’s Alexander Studio for Embodied Mindfulness, with meditation, some movement, fun exercises and games, as well as a time to share experiences and receive guidance. And plenty of time to explore guided semi-supine! And everyone will receive some hands on work throughout the course.

We will be exploring practical and psychological tools that can help you in your life - in whichever way is relevant to you. Whether that be

- Getting out of stress and gaining calm,
- From confusion to grounded clarity
- Less pain (back, neck, RSI and others) and greater overall wellbeing
- Richer intimacy
- Improving poise and posture - in general or applied to a sport or practice (eg yoga, acting, singing)
- Awakening flow, creativity and intuition

Come with whatever is relevant to you!

The Heroes’ Journey, is a choice you make, to step up, take responsibility for your wellbeing on every level, and open to tread your unique path to greater freedom, wholeness, healing and expression. From my experience, there are changes to be felt on every level - out of pain, stress, tension and towards a point of Embodied Living, in every moment of your life.

Some of key principles we will be exploring together over the 4 workshops include:

- “Inhibition”* and patience
- Awareness, “direction”* and “Opposition”*
- Flow and connection
- Mind-Body integration

[*N.B. these are Alexander terms and normal definitions do not apply!! You will have to come along to experientially discover their invaluable meanings in this fresh approach].

My background is rooted in the Sciences and the Arts, and I am passionate about teaching A.T in fresh and engaging ways that put you at the centre of your healing revolution. My signature style unites Science and a grounded Spirituality to create adventure and stillness. I am passionate about the connection between mind and body and revealing and trusting in the combined wisdom often hidden behind both, as we come to a more robust healing.

This is a pilot series of a group workshop Foundation Course that I am very excited to be offering for the first time, and to reflect this and to keep it focussed and fresh, there are two bits of good news for you!:

1. It’s a very small group: I am keeping numbers really limited so it’s a tight contained group and we will have plenty of time and attention for each person (if it is required), so you will feel comfortable and fully supported (and getting a lot of value!)

2. I am offering this course for a largely reduced participant investment of £80 for all 4 sessions in the series - works out just £20 for each workshop of up to 2 and a half hours - So if ever you have wanted to dip your toes into this work and money was a factor holding you back - now is your opportunity! (I have no plans to offer this rate again)

I am super excited to offer this work in a creative and friendly group setting as it gives us a chance to explore the work consciously from a whole new perspective, so whether you are totally new or a seasoned AT pupil, new discoveries will be awaiting you!

I can’t wait to get started and exploring this work with you.

If this sounds like your bag, then take the plunge - reserve your spot! Send me an email to sign up today Got a question? I am here to answer! Email or call me on 07790 036 650, I’m always happy to help :)

To stay fully informed of upcoming classes, workshops and special offers, as well as getting little tips, you can sign up for my Embodied Living Newsletter in the top right corner of this page! (“Join the Mailing List”). Thankyou and see you soon!

I found myself having complete confidence in her strong hands and her understanding of the technique. more

Joshua Eisenthal, 27, PHD Student