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Mind Body Wellbeing: Alexander Technique Lessons with Sarah Warman

Freedom to be you: Declutter your mind, Free your body, Express your soul

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I am excited to teach Alexander Technique in FRESH and ENGAGING ways to declutter your mind, free your body, and express your soul - for greater all round wellbeing.

I am passionate about MEETING you exactly where you are in your life - with your NEEDS AND DESIRES and whatever is holding you back or causing you stress, pain or a desire for GROWTH.

I will work intuitively and with great care to help and support you. I have been so lucky and am so grateful for this ever-deepening healing and engagement with life and I am so honoured and grateful to be here to guide you on your journey to shining as your unique self in ALL YOUR GLORY!

There are no requirements or restraints and we work together with exactly what you've got and go from there.

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Thankyou for visiting Sarah's Alexander Studio, I'm looking forward to connecting.

My first Alexander Technique session with Sarah was a revelation... more

Eleanor Bowen-Jones